Never Give up

“Whatever you do, Do not give up. Because for once this is for you !”

One of the most inspiring quotes i have ever come across. Never ever give up, no matter how difficult it seems or how tired and exhausted you are. Have a goal in your life, follow it till the very end, it might be difficult really really tough, but you need to be strong and keep striking your best shot, at the end when you reach your destination the view will surely be a delight to your soul and you will be a different person than what you were when you had began.

Life is extremely tough and harsh and that is a fact, but that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy it, I mean if we don’t have bad days how will one enjoy the good days. Today I am going to share with you guys, a few stories of people who never gave up, who fought and came through as a winner.

Evgeny Smirnov


Russia’s break dance champion, the winner of over 30 cups and handful of medals, Evgeny Smirnov, who used to perform on “Freestyle Masters” lost his leg due to medical negligence in May’2012. His medical treatment had been delayed for too long.

The 29-year old dancer was hospitalized at the municipal hospital of the settlement of Lazarevskoye, in Russia’s South, on May 1st, after a serious car accident. The young man was ridding his scooter when a car ran over him. The car literally swept the man’s scooter away from the road. The man flew into a ditch and lost consciousness. An ambulance took him to the hospital soon.

Evgeny suffered an open double fracture of his shin. Seeing his critical condition, dancer’s friend were asking the medics to transport him to the regional center which became possible only after the mayor of the city interfered. The man developed gangrene as a result of the delayed treatment and his leg had to be amputated.

So guess what happened after that ? No, he didn’t leave dancing as one would probably guess. He went on dancing. With an artificial leg attached to his body, he learned to dance again. His performance on the dance show became a great example of not only the human spirit, but also the fact that you can dance incredibly cool without a leg.

Sylvester Stallone


This name has been famous since last 2 decades, and everyone knows him as “The Rock”. He has struggled hard to reach to the space he is now. He was left alone, with his wife leaving him in a bad condition due to financial issues. His house was taken away due to him not paying the rents and he stayed on roads for days and months.

During that phase he had written the script of the movie Rock. One fine day he decided to narrate it to a few directors. Many of them liked the story, but then the actor had demanded that he would only sell them the story if they would make the film with himself being the lead. Now this was a risk, many directors were not sure about casting a new face into their movie. This continued for like many months, when finally a production house bought the script and signed him for the role. And that was the turning point in his life. There was definitely no looking back after that.

One more fact related to him, did you know his lower left side of face is paralyzed, and his mouth is slightly crooked, and his tongue is paralyzed too (that’s why he has a little bit slurred speech). But all this never stopped him from becoming one of the greatest actors of our time.

Madeline Stuart


When you have a dream, even a handicap can’t stop you from achieving it. Madeline Stuart was born with Down Syndrome. It’s a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21, typically associated with physical delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability. She always wanted to walk the runway as a model. And she did it !

Of course, it took some time. The girl started sports and lost 44 pounds, then she tried for a long time to get into modelling agencies, which weren’t sold right away on a girl with Down syndrome. But Madeline achieved her goal, she signed a major contract with the brand “Manifesta” representing sports clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. And she even appeared at New York Fashion week. So that shows dreams really come true !

So, what is it that you can take away from the life stories of these three people. You need to keep moving, Life is really a very long book, if you need to finish it by reading it till the last page. It requires determination, strong will-power and a positive attitude to get to your dreams, but the above stories clearly state that if you manage to rise about your insecurities and adapt this few good qualities in your life then you will surely achieve success no matter what. Keep pushing your boundaries and never ever give up.

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