Habits of Successful People

Hello Guys, this one is my 10th post on this Blog, and I am extremely excited to write this one. If you are reading this, than thank you soooo much for taking out some time from your schedule to visit this page, you people are really important to me, as we all know that their is no value of a writer if he doesn’t have readers. A writer is only valued by his work, the usage of his words, and the effortlessness with which he depicts the conditions and situations of the plot/event.

Just today, i was lazily lying on my bed, it was 10am and I was extremely tired, not sleepy yet exhausted, and I was just surfing around the net, trying to find something interesting and just shuffling through the sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Quora. Out of all of them, I found Quora to be the most engaging, as their were interactions and exchange of great ideas among the people. So i was just going through the questions and answers which were listed on my timeline. I came across this question .. What are the habits/Practices that successful people do which normal people don’t do ? Now I found this question interesting, not that i had never encountered this question before (In fact, there are tons of similar questions which are posted everyday), but the answer I read today i found was the most satisfying. It was then that i decided that i would be writing about this on my blog post. So here i go.


1) Have a Fixed Schedule and they are very particular about it : Successful people know what they have to go, and have fixed schedule to complete the tasks. they don’t waste their time and schedule it in a way that they get time for their family and friends, which are equally important. Mostly they schedule are made at night for the upcoming day. It’s recommended to follow that method, and after the day gets over, it’s suggested to analyze the day, and see the utilization the the time, and what activities needed more time so that the next schedule can be made with the analysis.

2) Wake up Early : Now this is one habit, that everyone must try to adapt. No matter at what time we sleep it’s always a good option to wake up early. Now the definition of “early” is different from person to person, it depends on the situation as well, but for me early come at anytime before 8am. Even Forbes in one of it’s articles have mentioned this habit of successful people, it has given some few big names like Bill Gates, Mark Zukerburg who get up before the sunrise. Now the advantage of getting up early is that, while you have started your day and your work for the days, your opponents are still fast asleep at their home, so it gives you an edge, and extra time for utilizing to get to your target. Moreover, the morning hours between 4am – 7am are considered to be the most beneficial hours for studying, since their is silence everywhere, and one could breath in fresh air, and their is chirping of birds which is very smooth on ears, they whole experience of getting up early gives one soulful experience and fills the person with energy and enthusiasm.

3) Practice of Exercises and Meditation : Most successful people have this common habit. They believe in the Quote “Health is Wealth”, and keeping themselves fit is one of their priorities. Realizing why to be fit is important. If one doesn’t take care of their health, they it will in turn affect their work and overall life, they won’t be able to enjoy their hard-earned money and doing this just for an hour everyday fills them with a lot of energy and their work efficiency is increased to a good extend. Exercises keeps the body fit and Meditation works on the soul and the mind, it sharpens the intellect and makes a person more accurate. This practices are suggested to be included in the beginning of the day as one wakes up, but if their is an issue with that than this can be adjusted in any portion of the day, at the end what is important is to follow a proper technique so that you can keep your mind and body adaptive in any kind of situation.

4) Finish the most important part of their work first : Successful people take up big responsibilities and before even starting of with it, they analyze it completely, and list out the portions of the work which they find easy to get, and the one’s which requires time and more knowledge making it difficult to complete. Now what they do, is they complete the difficult tasks first. The logic is simple the things which they can do easily can be done at any point of time, but the harder job requires much more dedication. As the time progresses on becomes more and more lazy and hence it’s suggested to work on the difficult portions first and to this work they can dedicate more energy as required. This is a method followed by most successful people, and i will recommend you to take up you projects in a similar fashion.

5) When at the workplace, they don’t crib about their job or head : Such an act creates a really negative atmosphere around the desk. It’s like saying you don’t like something and still keep doing it, no doubt you will do you work but the results won’t be satisfying as in your mind you’d keep saying you don’t like it so that would be reflected in your work, making it duller. Moreover, by involving in such talks one wastes a lot of his/her precious time which can be utilized in other activities like thinking about the some good ideas to modify the situation of the office or thinking about some of the future projects. Most successful people have their thought process active even while working, so their creative brain always keeps coming up with intriguing concepts to deploy, this is due to their complete concentration on their work.

6) Aggressively Optimistic and Futuristic : These one habit can actually be irritating. Like take for example Steve Jobs, in the initial years when Apple was just launched, he was working on some of the new technologies and he kept barking on his employees to come up with new concepts and ideas. He had his own vision, yet he wanted his workers to give input, because who knows one suggestion could revolve the scene. Steve have envisioned the future of his country, and somehow he kept striking for more so that he could get what he always had dreamed of. He was one of the most innovative minds of the 90s and his brand Apple is the No.1 Selling Mobile phone is United States and many other nations of the world, this is where what he always wanted. Without any doubts, he stayed optimistic about his goals and worked day and night for it, and designed its’ future, explained his employees those ideas and kept them motivated.

7) Concentration Skills are commendable : There might be a 1000 people around them, making noise and chatting loudly, but they have their mind and body completely focused on their work. As it’s said, its’ all about priorities, when they prioritize their work over other things, they mind stays active even in the worst situations. They concentrate on their goal, and keep working on it without getting affected by anyone’s opinions, and as it is the Nature’s rule, you get what you ask for, they eventually end up getting it.

8) Good Food Habits : Food is one of the most mandatory things for the survival of a person. Successful people believe in having a good and healthy diet, and not include anything that makes them fatigued. One must only eat as per required by the body, and not so much that you completely overwhelm yourself with it. Eating more makes a person feel lazy and sleepy the whole day, moreover, it also results is different health issues. Eat well, eat good, eat less and whatever you take in, be very gentle with it, chew in every byte and enjoy the richness of the food, experience eating and Stay healthy.

9) Communication Skills : Have you ever met a CEO of a company who is shy ? No right ! Obviously, when someone is taking such a big initiative then it’s important that he/she should also be able to express his own idea/concept to their project/work. That is the only way they can increase their popularity and sales. Communication is an important thing in a company, not only in the market even communicating with the lowest level employee of the unit is important. Successful people have this habit of maintaining good relations with everyone, and they keep spreading their words through different mediums so that their reach to the audience is increased.

11) Manipulative : That is actually true, want to learn to get your work done? Watch out for big names like Anil Ambani. They completely know what they are doing, and have their roots spread over the whole area. They never miss a chance to befriend a person who possibly could benefit his company. They have their contacts, which they keep increasing, and any tasks in spite of seeming too difficult, they accomplish it by rolling out to their “contacts” or so called friends. They know how to get their work done. Everyone needs to learn this habit since it’s very necessary in the market so that one can survive in the competition.

12) Learning new stuff always makes them happy : Improving is the way to learn. Study a language, practice it, get to know new things about it and work on it. Repeat the same cycle again. Learning is also an art, one needs to complete indulge in the stuff and have a thorough study on it. The feeling of having learned something new and different is so fascinating, everyone must have felt it at some point of time in their lives. Moreover, it helps them to have a wider vision and new ideas pop up with it.

13) Always well – dressed : Successful people always are very careful when it comes to getting dressed. Their are two kinds of successful people : one like Mark Zukerberg and Steve Jobs, who have a fixed wardrobe. They just wear one particular dress to work everyday like uniform. Second are the people who have their clothes full of designer clothes and they hire special designers who look after their wardrobe and their styling, such people mostly belong to showbiz. The first ones are not so stylist yet it’s actually their belief that they don’t want to get confused every morning about what to wear and all, and that is the reason they have the multiple copies of the same cloth. It saves their time. Such mentality of successful people sets them apart, and hence even this cloth becomes like a style statement which people honor and like to follow.

14) Books are their best Friends : Last but not the least, they always carry books. Books increases imagination skills as well as helps to learn new things and makes a person more expressive. Be it fiction or non-fiction, once a book is taken in hand, reading every line and understanding makes a person more sharp and enhances the thought process.

So, that was it. This are the 14 habits i feel every successful people always have. Obviously exceptions can be there for sure. But this is in my view are the points which one should work on and try to inculcate in their life.

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