The Childhood Story

Hello Readers !!! It’s been a really long time since i last made a post, I have had a tight schedule and this post actually was meant to be written and posted on Sunday itself but it got delayed first coz i had exams in college and second I had been sick for a while, so my creative mind was on a break. 😛 Since like last 2 days, i have been trying to think of a topic to write, but nothing was excited me, this i don’t know stuck me in the middle of night, it’s 3 am and I am writing this article which is an altogether different setting. So that now I am back, today I want to share with you all a special story which is really close to my heart.

You all must have heard of this story as a child, every composition book had included this one which has not only inspired me to get beyond my limitation but has also pushed me to take risks on every decisions of my life. The title of the story i don’t really remember, but it was something close to “A wise Man”. While writing this one i still have flashes of memory from my childhood when this story used to come in my expand the composition part in English paper, and how i used to fill up pages of supplementary because i simply had so much to write, even today I might go on writing a big post, but what i want to convey with this post is what i actually learnt from this story and what moves me the most.

So story starts like, There was a small village in some remote area, people their were extremely poor and barely had enough money to eat food twice a day. This village was one of the areas that was included under the reign of King Kushala. He knew that people of this area were lazy and less-hardworking compared to other regions. So he decided to implement an unusual trick on them. King Kushala send one of his managers in this local area and told him to hide good amount of gold under a big rock (Big enough that it can hinder people on their way and annoy them). This was a test of the residents of village, whoever would move the rock would only be the owner of the treasure which lies beneath. But the real deal was who would want to come forward and do this work.

The manager did what he was told by his king, that is placing a big debris in the middle of a crowded street in that village. Days went by, that rock went unmoved, since it was kept right in the center so it was creating issues for the passerby and causing traffic on the road, but to the astonishment in spite of facing all this difficulties no one cared to even try to move it, even the one’s who regularly visited that area were not ready to take any steps. This same scene was continued for weeks, till one day their came a young man, probably new in the village and worked in the local farm. While passing by this road, he sat in one of the shops nearby and suddenly he came across this big debris and tried inquiring about it to the local shopkeepers and after a few hours of observations he noticed how much this rock has been causing problems to the people and hence he decided to take a step and went on and for single handedly kept pushing the rock for 30-45 mins, and finally moved it and under it he found the gold and a letter written by the King. He praised him for the work, and declared him to be the owner of the gold he had got. After this incident, people of the city became more aware and were became keenly involved in the activities of the area and the village became a better place for all of them, now this was all due to one good move by the genuine person.

So what do we learn from this story, Let’s see. Now what if for years no one would have moved the rock, no one would have ever known what they had missed. The person who moved it worked on it, not for himself but for the people who barely meant anything to him, but looking at their problems he took this step, and this is what really happens in life. When we selflessly do something for someone, not wanting anything in return, we get back in return 10 times more. Here King Kushala is like the creator and he keeps giving us immense amount of opportunities from time to time, and we have got all the ability to work upon it, but now it’s all up to us, if we want to do it or not. We ignore the opportunity or grab it, it’s all up to us. So anything that comes us on our way, we should always see it as a chance and put in our best efforts to resolve it.

Volunteering for good work makes one a better human being and a global citizen. Keep thinking about yourself, nooooo, that’s not how we must life, it’s a big world and our family is not just constrained to our parents and siblings, the entire globe is our family, we must think of them, live with them, contribute to them.

Do good humanity practices, bring smile to the faces of unknowns and just do random acts of kindness, the treasures which you get from doing all these, is symbolized by the ‘gold’ mentioned in the story. Remember the Story, make a difference, Be a better person 🙂

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