Visualization Project – Fall 2019

Some of the leading causes of death in the United States include heart disease, cancer, alcoholism and injuries caused by accidents. Many of these are preventable, and being able to visualize the numbers could help us develop improved strategies to avoid and alleviate their occurrence. We expect our application to be useful for the general public. It will make them more aware of the diseases … Continue reading Visualization Project – Fall 2019

Applied Data Science/Informatics Guide @ USC

I have been getting a lot of messages on LinkedIn about USC. I can’t reply to each and every individual, that’s why I decided to write a post on it. Below I will try to answer the questions I usually get from Students wanting to come to USC for their Masters. I want to add that all these are my opinions and things may vary … Continue reading Applied Data Science/Informatics Guide @ USC

Visit to the California Science Center

Today, I got a chance to visit the California Science Center where I saw the Endeavour Space Shuttle, a retired orbiter from NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. I was left stunned looking at the extreme detailing. It’s awe-inspiring and can take your breath away. It’s almost impossible to look at this majestic piece of American achievement and not tear up. The Museum includes an IMAX Theatre, … Continue reading Visit to the California Science Center

Full-Time Offer

On November 6th, I received a full-time offer from Facebook for the Data Engineering Position in their Menlo Park Office. While I was thrilled to get this news, a part of me went back to revisit the whole journey. As an International Student, we are always in the hustle. First trying to crack that one big Internship, hoping to convert to full-time and/or putting endless … Continue reading Full-Time Offer

Questions I Can’t Answer

Loneliness, Isolation, Separation, Detachment, All of them mean the same and they are most vulnerable situation one can get into. With everything around me changing so quickly, I am finding it difficult to fit in. New Country, diverse Crowd, my Stubborn Nature and that one Degree. There is clearly a lot of stress. I always knew such phases of anxiety and homesickness would come but … Continue reading Questions I Can’t Answer

Mandatory Post about * USC *

As I had previously mentioned, I will soon be joining the University of Southern California @ Los Angeles, USA. It’s a dream come true for me literally. Before leaving for the US, I somehow wanted to write about USC on my blog, hence the title 😀 Can’t hold back my enthusiasm, so here I go. While thinking about writing a post on USC, I was … Continue reading Mandatory Post about * USC *