Brian Acton

Today I am going to write about the Inventor of the most famous messaging application for mobile phones, Whatsapp. Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded world’s largest mobile messaging platform, at the age of 42 and 39 respectively, certainly proving that age is just a number. In spite of being considered old for the Silicon Valley, their contribution has disrupt the telecom business and have … Continue reading Brian Acton


Ohh Yeah.. Introducing a new category to the blog, where I will be writing about my thoughts, daily routines, likes, dislikes about things and people around me. This category is much easier for me to write, ‘coz their isn’t any need to be formal. Cumberbitches !!! That’s a term used for Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans around the globe. And me, I am a big big big … Continue reading #BeingACumberbitch

Bhakti Sharma

Bhakti Sharma born 30th Nov’ 1989, is an Indian Open water swimmer. List of her achievements is enough to make anyone in their mid-20s jealous. Young, Talented, go-getter, indefatigable, keen, zealous, energetic all this adjectives completely suit her. Swimming is a tough job, it needs complete dedication and commitment. Splashing water, floating for the sake of pleasure and actually imbibing this field as an career … Continue reading Bhakti Sharma

Shubhendu Sharma, an Eco-Entrepreneur

Forests are an important Resource and an asset of our Eco-system. It’s important that all of us preserve and maintain it. As the Reports suggests, there is a visible decrease in the forest cover in India. Benefits of a Forest are not hidden to anyone, it provides vital oxygen, essential for existence of Human species, and shelter to millions of animals and human communities. But … Continue reading Shubhendu Sharma, an Eco-Entrepreneur

Inside Case : Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is a fictional Character from one of my all time favorite shows ‘Suits’, an American TV Drama. Harvey is known for his Lavish life style, winning mentality and corporate brilliance which makes him a captivating protagonist for this story line.He has an enigmatic Charm with a personality and attitude to die for. Whomsoever has already watched the show would definitely agree with me … Continue reading Inside Case : Harvey Specter

Manish Singh Rawat – An Untold Story

Manish Singh Rawat represented India in race walking in a 20-km walk event at Rio Olympic 2016, finishing at the 13th position with a recorded timing of 1:21:21. Indian Media is going gaga over PV Sindhu and Sakshi, who have won medals for India, and undoubtedly they deserve all the appreciation they are getting, but this guy does have a story, a story that needs … Continue reading Manish Singh Rawat – An Untold Story