why is feminism still relevant?

“What qualities do you not want in your partner?” I asked some guy somewhere sometime back.  He said, “I don’t want someone who is stubborn and is one of those feminist types… ummm.”  “Feminist types?! What do you mean? So, are you against feminism?” “No noo… I am not against feminism. But, I think the feminist types are too loud and opinionated. They always want … Continue reading why is feminism still relevant?

reflecting back

What consumes your mind, controls your life. Mel Robbins I started this blog to self-reflect on my behavior and improve myself. Unfortunately, I think I got side-tracked. I stopped thinking of everything wrong with me and tried to write something which sounded more clever. I should stop it. I say this today because I sat for two hours on the couch just trying to think … Continue reading reflecting back

year in review – 2021

Hello there! Today is January 17th, 2022, and I was supposed to write my 2021 post back in December. Look at me. Completely shameless. 🤗 Not like I forgot about it. My inner consciousness wouldn’t let me forget it, LOL. 😵‍💫 But look at this lazy bum who managed to procrastinate 17 full days post the start of the year. 🥴 Shraddha Shraddha Shraddha, please … Continue reading year in review – 2021