Questions I Can’t Answer

Loneliness, Isolation, Separation, Detachment, All of them mean the same and they are most vulnerable situation one can get into. With everything around me changing so quickly, I am finding it difficult to fit in. New Country, diverse Crowd, my Stubborn Nature and that one Degree. There is clearly a lot of stress. I always knew such phases of anxiety and homesickness would come but I still choose it. Even though I am quite afraid of facing the reality, I try to challenge myself by putting myself in trying situations, and the process itself makes me stronger. That’s the reason why I don’t think much before taking decisions, else I’d never have the courage to take them.

There is a long list of tasks that need to be completed on time before Fall Term starts. But even with so much to do, Mind still manages to find its time to feel miserable. The whole day goes by trying to complete one thing after another, and then I reach back to the room in the evening and fall to my bed to get a long nap and then stay nonsensically awake during the night time. Every night is almost like a battle with sleep, maybe it’s because of jet lag. But with so much of silence across, there come the most depressing thoughts and questions. In this post, I’ll just list down few of the questions that I myself have not been able to cope with.


Are Friends really necessary? If yes, how many are enough? 🧐

How important is it to be a Genuine person? 🤨

Why is it essential to be in everyone’s good books? 😐

If a person smiles and giggles, does it make him/her immature? 🤥

As professionals, we always try to keep the personal and professional lives separate, but often we end up ruining our personal relationships ‘coz of our Professional commitments. How do you handle these situations? 🙁

Is Possessiveness for your best Friend valid? 🙄

Is it just me or does everyone feel pathetic when someone shouts at them? 😒

Why do I just get bored with people? Am I selfish, Am I using them or Do I just get over them? 😷

Does taking someone’s help make me an irresponsible woman who can’t handle her own work? 🤔

You try to bring out the best version of yourself in the front, and people still won’t accept it. Is that your fault? What could be done? 😫

Is the whole MS plan worth the risk? 😯


These are the weirdest questions that keep coming to my mind whenever I am free. Now as a reader you may get an impression that I am just overthinking. I agree I might be. That’s the reason I prepared these questions. Listing these questions out may not really help me to get a solution for it and nothing even changes dramatically. But it helped me to figure out the fact that I have been facing concerns in my personal life and I realized what exactly was poking me. I am certain that as an individual everyone starts questioning their own abilities at some or the other time in their lives. The first thing you need to do to get out of the trauma is – to be aware of what precisely is the problem you have to deal with.

As I approach a new beginning, I don’t want to stay the same shy and unhappy person who’d cry over small matters. While it’s really hard to transform oneself, I am trying my best to change my habits and thoughts. Hopefully, before the term starts, I will be able to get over this emotionally suffocating shit and focus more on the serious stuff. Maybe someday someone facing the same situation as me, might read this Post and feel rational.

If as a Reader, if you got solutions to any of my questions, just ping me on Hangouts. I’ll be more than happy to hear it from you…!

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