Mandatory Post about * USC *

As I had previously mentioned, I will soon be joining the University of Southern California @ Los Angeles, USA. It’s a dream come true for me literally. Before leaving for the US, I somehow wanted to write about USC on my blog, hence the title 😀 Can’t hold back my enthusiasm, so here I go.

While thinking about writing a post on USC, I was quite excited but didn’t really know what to write since I haven’t actually been there or studied yet. After thinking of a few topics I could probably write about, I finally came up with this idea of looking down people’s reviews about the University on various websites. It definitely boosted my confidence, and such excellent words surely made me happy.

Sharing those reviews with you guys in this post …


It is the best school ever the football team is one of the best team I have ever seen. Would recommend to anybody looking for a good college. The teachers there are nice don’t push too much. Go if you are looking for a college that won’t fail you.


USC is one of the best schools in the country for a reason. It’s much better than the winey wimps of UCLA who like to leave crappy reviews because they know they are inferior to USC. Look at the alumni USC has produced. It is amazing. You come here for an education and you are part of something greater than yourself.



Awesome place and nice school! I like to visit although im not a student in this school, unfortunately. Feel’s like in Hogwarts!


Amazing school. I was a foreign student a few years back and I cannot rave enough about how their program gave me the skills and resources to exceed in my financial career. Classes are definitely not easy, but the stress and late nights are all worth it. Fight on!


People are so nice when you walk by and very helpful! It can be expensive but if you apply you will have an amazing experience going to this school! I guarantee it! 🙂


The campus is gorgeous! It’s not a very traditional college campus, due to its proximity to Downtown LA, but does carry a studious and prideful vibe. Each building glows with the prestige of the university. However, many of the students are not very welcoming for two reasons. They seem very shy or nervous so they stare at their feet as they walk or they seem extremely posh and snobby with their noses up in the air. The bookstore is very small and crowded, which surprises me due to the amount of money at USC. Also, I attended the USC/Notre Dame football game this year at the Coliseum and a couple USC fans stole my hat (that they gave us to free for entering the game, which means everybody received one so I’m not sure why they had to steal mine). I do enjoy being on campus due to its location in LA and its beauty but the people there can be a real damper on the experience.


Return on investment is pretty good at USC. Find ways to finance your education here; it’s worth every dollar of debt :).




My daughter is currently a sophomore at USC, and she absolutely LOVES it! From the academic rigor, award-winning faculty and staff, student diversity, opportunities for involvement to the beauty of the campus, the facilities, and overwhelming school pride. Despite the neighborhoods that border the school, she feels safe and is satisfied with the security presence on campus and nearby. As a parent, I am thrilled that my child is happy and thriving at college. However, I lose sleep many nights due to MY concern for her safety and the safety of all the students at USC because of its proximity to the local, crime-ridden neighborhoods. My dream is for a group of philanthropists to purchase all the real estate within a 5 mile radius and renovate, restore and rebuild the entire area exclusively for USC students, graduates, faculty and staff—their own “gated” utopia. I would sleep so much better as would countless other parents.


Although I am a die hard Bruin (2 degrees), USC is gorgeous . I call it academic Disneyland. Fantastic school (daughter is a grad), and they have so many academic resources.


USC is perfect university become in with use more happy and what choose the university USC about worldwide in around in united state you don’t like much fine different that you want you decided want choose school very want you needed receipt of university please stuck you want living with you parent or live yourself at college.


With a 16% acceptance rate, you bet that hard work does pay off! The caring community i.e. the Trojan family at USC is unlike ANY other! From the day you step on campus, people will go out of their way to help you with anything if you ask. Education is unparalleled. Rigorous and intensive! Helpful friends and faculty. AWESOME campus! And AWESOME food! Bad reviews are mostly from disappointed UCLA students who got rejected from USC.




USC has been a part of my life since the end of my Junior year in high school when I got my notice of early admission back in 1968. Enrolled in 1969, graduated 1973 with Bachelor’s in Mathematics, continued for another year to get a secondary teaching credential. Met my wife, Penny, Class of 1974, and our daughter, Kellie, also graduated from USC. I have attended many sporting events, season football ticket holder, and have met so many amazing and wonderful USC alumni over the years. Cannot say enough about the education and overall experience at the University of Southern California.


It was definitely my HOME…when I go back to visit…it is going home and is very nostalgic for me. A Trojan forever no matter where I may reside!!!!


Excellent University with largest foreign student body population in the US. Close to downtown Los Angeles and Staples Center. Excellent sports and academic programs. Home of KUSC music Los Angeles’ only classical radio station. Home to many Nobel Prize recipients. Established in 1880.


Fight On for ol’ SC
Our men Fight On to victory
Our Alma Mater dear, looks up to you
Fight On and win For ol’ SC
Fight On to victory
Fight On!


My experience here continues to be out of this world. Professors, fellow graduate students, staff, and the solid tradition/pride of this university is just tops.

I am so proud of the leading private university in my hometown, USC.
And now my name will stand forever with luminaries who came before me at this prestigious institution.


One thing I noticed while looking at the comments was, there were really less Negative comments. Most of the negativity that surrounded the University is due to its location in Downtown LA, many find it to be not-so-secure. Well, I haven’t yet heard any of my seniors complaining about feeling weird or threatening.

If you just landed here looking for some offbeat article on USC, hoping that you had a good read.. & If #YouAre or #HaveBeen or #AreGoingToBe or #WishingToBe a TROJAN as well, do give me a shout out. And let me know your experiences in the comments section below. Thanks for reading it till the end… 🙂

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