people say i am organized

I miss writing blogs. It’s been more than a month that I wrote anything here. So, I am putting a timer of 30 mins, and let’s see what comes out!

People say I am organized,
I like that compliment. 

I have been organized from an early age. 
I should thank my parents for that.

I like to say that my parents are in the 98th percentile of a Gaussian normal distribution.
I used to wake up to them bickering over meaningless topics and bombarding each other with in-conclusive, un-related arguments. 
What was my role? 
I “organized” their arguments. 
Talk to them one-on-one, and provide them honest feedback on how their arguments made no sense. 

Telling them, that shouting is *not* a solution.
Begging them to state their underlying problems, not screaming out just the surface-level issues.
I organized their thoughts, so their conversations could make sense to me.

A surface-level issue is "You kept that teacup on the couch" - is that a problem? Probably not?! 
An underlying problem is "That teacup left stains on the couch. The dirty dark stains will probably never go, even after multiple laundry washes" 

Being thousands of miles away from them, 
I feel like I still micro-manage.
I still ask them to lower their voices and think before speaking 
I still ask them to talk about their problems, instead of pointing mistakes
I still ask them to understand each other, and love each other for who they are 

As a kid, I never really understood 
What they were missing as a couple is mutual acceptance 
One wished for a silent person, the other admired charm
One loved to travel, the other craved home 
One was a religious fanatic, the other was spiritual 
One was a free bird, the other was mechanical 
One was a believer, the other was a skeptic 
One who laughed, the other who barely smiled 
One who was Anxious, the other who became 

The two of them survived 27 years 
And still going strong 
All the fighting, all the bickering, nothing stops them at all
Storms come, and storm go, but their home stays strong 
Because all they believe in is "forgetting and moving on!"

Please Note: I (officially) graduated! 🙂 Checkout my last year’s Graduation Post here

Ok, Byeeee. That’s it for today. Please encourage me to write more, I am getting too lazy 😩

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