the pandemic got me thinking

You are the average of the five people you spent the most time with”

I believed in this quote with all my heart. 
I always reminded myself to be with people I admire. 
Yes, I was always particular about my friends and the people I hung out with. 
That does NOT mean I hated everyone else! They are great too. I just did not want to deal with them. 

I like to say that I was a very ambitious person,
I say “was” because I was!

It’s been more than a year,
Leave five, it’s hard to find a single person to “surround” myself with.
To be honest, all I want is - good friends and delicious food. 
I want to enjoy a good movie with a bunch of friends, who appreciate documentaries and rom-coms.

Genuine friends inspire and motivate,
And that’s all I ever wanted.

It’s been a year of not having anyone around.
Family is literally on the other side of the world.
And my whole world is this room,
My lonely, empty room which haunts me.

I am not ambitious anymore.

I have forgotten who I was,
I have omitted the part where I chase my dreams.
I dragged myself in the past few months,
Now, I have come to a complete stand-still,
I do not wish to move anymore.
It's a pain so unbearable that not moving is the only antidote.

Don’t misunderstand me for being sad.
I am not sad, I am anxious.
I cry, not because I am sick, but out of habit.

I lost my close-knit group ,
I wish to find a new one.

This pandemic has taught me immensely,
I appreciate everyone so much more.
From the people waiting tables to the bus drivers.

I no longer wish to be ambitious,
I no longer wish to surround myself with just five people,
I now need a village.
So that if a pandemic were to ever hit me again,
Every day, I’d have someone to hold me on.

To my future kids and cousins, and everyone young, Build a Community! Alone you are nothing, your community empowers you and lifts you. Don’t forget to connect with people who were a part of your journey, be appreciative, and spread happiness 🙂 

– Shraddha Kulkarni, Pandemic Survivor

(Fine fine, good food is not all that important, but it still is – it is more of a necessity 😬)

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