Taking a Break !

Being in a Shell is not easy, especially when you know how deep inside it’s so lonely and dark. So why do you think on the first place should one take a risk of going inside the shell ?! ‘coz that’s the necessity. Everyone in some stage of their lives have to definitely go through a phase when they are forced to completely seclude themselves not because they don’t like others or something but just because that’s the need for the hour.

No one likes to be away from their friends and loved ones, really. That’s not what one wants. But they somehow have to take this step no matter what. If one really wants to succeed in their lives, they have to focus on their goals and aspirations, they have to really work so much on their skills to a level that they are able to clear the technical interviews or have the courage to present their ideas to the world. It takes a whole lot of courage and dedication to their work and no it doesn’t come up in one single day, it takes years of struggle and hard work. That doesn’t mean you completely isolate yourself up from everyone out there and not communicate at all, that is not possible we all are at the end a social animal, But we need to really know our constraints.

It becomes so much necessary sometime to not have anyone around you. Because you are always surrounded by other people, they keep flapping their opinions and suggestions on you, and you are burdened so much by their expectations that you just become tired and your efficiency is lowered. In such a case, neither you do anything for the person in front nor can you be useful to them. You become just as good as a stone on the road ! So, in this case, just take a break from all your work. Observe your behavior and work on it. Do something and improve.

Making a difference is complete process of Innovation, Hard work and Learning. You can’t impress everyone trust me. Someone or the other would come in your life who would keep making you feel low or would comment you out saying you are not worth it. But that is their problem. This is what they think of you and well that is not at all true, that’s their point of view, and all this should be taken positively. One should keep improving and learn. Don’t let yourself down ever. Journey towards your goal is big and difficult so you better buckle up your sleeves and start right away.


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