Not that Easy

Being a Computer Engineer in this century is quite a responsibility I guess. People out their freaking think we are the most chilled out crowd among all, since we get everything easily. With IT industries dominating the market place in every damn country, we as an Engineer would easily get a job and be secured. Once in a week, their is one random person walking up to me and telling me how easy it’s for us out there.

But wait, Is it true ? No , not at all. We are the once with the most fucked up conditions. And I have decided to write about this once and for all. India with a population of billions already and is growing at shattering speed, out of which more than 60% of the population is composed of Youngsters. And when I talk about Youth, their comes the topic of great responsibility which lies on their shoulders to take their families and generation forward. One among 3 parents want their children to be an Engineer or a doctor in India, and no this is not made up. This is the actually scenario. In schools, 30 K fees seems too much to parents but these are the same parents who pay lakhs of rupees to Engineering and Medical colleges to get them admitted. Since these two fields are being considered much more “reputed”. Well, to be frank Engineering is really tough, you need to go through a lot, and when I say that I don’t just mean about studies. Engineering itself is an overall package to Life 😉 And Medical Student,  I really pity them. They have got some really tough studies to handle throughout. But at the end, they are the once who are paid the most. No one says no to give them money, they are the ones whose efforts actually are fruitful.But coming to the point of Engineering, well you never know. You perform brilliantly entirely in college, still you end up in a bad company with a 4-5 Lakh salary a year, and a job from 9-5 with no time for yourself and family.

When I had passed 12th, people had come up to me suggesting branches that I must take up for further studies. And i decided to go with the branch since I really had a connect with it, and I thought I really want to code which still holds true. But now I realize their are so many students out their with the same field. More people more Competition, which means if I go to an Interview which shortlists 100 candidates, out of which 50 are bad still get admitted since they are better than others, and 25 are average who have 50-50 chances of getting the job while the remaining are just the BEST, but the “best” criteria are based on the company and the applicants that have applied otherwise. And in that Interview I would have no idea in which category I would fit in. Well we work a lot and study hard. But then their is always some one out their outperforming us in some category. Besides that we have the “IT” branch as well. So, we add them as the members in the “Competition gang”. We the ones who actually do the practical stuff, which the crowd in general can use in day to day life. We have made the lives of people much more easier, comfortable and simpler in one way, and complicated, lethargic and boring in other way. With million of ideas already been implemented, we as in a fresh Engineer have this big question of what to do ? I mean what to come up with. Any idea we come up with, it’s either already been implemented or has been patented. Coming up with new thoughts is big Challenges to us besides everything else. In spite of being pathetically creative it’s getting next to impossible to come up with some thing innovative and useful. And then they say it’s easy to be us ! 😦

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