Internship Experience @ Tatvic

Tatvic Analytics is an Official certified Google Analytics Partner, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I spend my last semester interning at the Firm. Tatvic is unlike the usual 10 to 7 companies, it has more of a start-up culture at the office, even though it’s been more than 7 years since the company was established.

| Tatvic Family |

There is a really positive vibe around the office, the colleagues are like family and most of them are young. I joined the company in December as the Data Analyst Intern, but soon about after a month, I switched to the Data Solutions Team. As a Data Science Intern, there was so much that I learned in those 5 months, not just in terms of Technologies but also regarding building confidence, enhancing Communication skills, Presentation skills, and dealing with Grapevine at the office. The HR Department used to arrange outings at regular intervals as well as many other interesting activities and sessions at the office, which kept everyone happy and engaged. The time went by flying; I was having fun, and learning at the same time.


Graphs, Charts and other Visualizations were topics I was most afraid of. But since the company is mainly based on Google Analytics, I had to get adapted to studying those visual Graphs all the time. Now, I can proudly look at a chart and determine what message it wants to convey.

The most significant advice that my Lead gave me was if you have got the numbers in front of you, then certainly in no case should you assume stuff. It happened on many occasions that I hypothesized a situation and tried to predict the market trends, every time I did that I was reminded gently to rely on numbers and not the gut feeling.

I got a chance to work on multiple Technologies and Tools, like Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Double Click for Publishers, Facebook APIs, and Twitter APIs. Before joining I barely knew about it, but now I am able to complete any task handed to me. Using GCP tools was the best part for me, since some of the Features I used such as Storage, and Compute Engines were charged for usage, as an Intern, I had the opportunity to use it. I have started to learn the other tools of GCP such as Cloud ML, VPC, Kubernetes, on Coursera.

web-dashboards-solution-service-500x500Python became my Primary Programming Language. Used Scikit Learn, Tensor Flow, Keras, Pandas, and many more. Learned Data Analytical and Predictive Learning Techniques. Most importantly I got the practical exposure of deploying Predictive Models in Production. Earlier I believed MOOCs are the best way to learn, but not anymore. It’s more necessary to apply the learning to a real-life project to actually understand what’s happening.

Tatvic is managing work for many Big Companies. It was surely a privilege to be working on Solutions for such prominent names.

place2Also, had a really refreshing Holiday @ Heritage Resort, Udaipur, Rajasthan. It was a much-awaited vacation for me since I had not been out for more than a year back then. DJ Parties, Musical Nights, Beautiful Scenery, Entertaining people, made up into a memorable trip.

Overall I absolutely had an incredible experience as an Intern @ Tatvic Analytics. I’ll recommend my juniors to at least apply there. That brings me to the end of the post. Will leave you with an amusing quote,

“A Good intern is supposed to be like a good hairpiece, effective but unobtrusive”   —  Mark Green


PS: Do check out Tatvic’s Awesome Website, I particularly love its UX a lot!

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