creativity is expensive.

When I was in the first standard, my class had 40 students in it. This was just one section. We had three such sections – making a whopping 120 students in one standard only. My class size only increased as I graduated to the next grades. 40 students, one cramped room, humid Indian weather, and the immense pressure to score high – this sums up … Continue reading creativity is expensive.

Work From Home – Day 24

The weekend is around the corner, yet I am no more thrilled about it. Each day of the week has become identical, sitting on the couch, then shifting on the Bed, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sleeping. The same cycle repeats every day. I have always been an introvert child, which makes the “Social Distancing” aspect of the Coronavirus more appealing for me. I have become … Continue reading Work From Home – Day 24

Work From Home – Day 23 – Improve Coding Practices

Extremely Productive Day Today. I started the day by attending the morning Lecture, then began working on the Internship work at around 10:00 am. After fusing my head over a certain bug for more than 4 hours with no food or water, I gave up. I watched Trump’s daily Briefing at 3:30 pm. Then I sat back to work on the Bugs, and yes I … Continue reading Work From Home – Day 23 – Improve Coding Practices