👩🏻 Year in Review – 2020

Now it is time to review the year 2020. WHAT-A-CRAZY Year. Don’t we all agree? This whole year, I felt like a kid learning to walk – who kept falling and required support, who needed to be handled but did not realize it. I always thought I could manage on my own in any situation, but I was wrong. This year has been tough for … Continue reading 👩🏻 Year in Review – 2020

Stunning East + Latest K-Craze

Hello! It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything. I have become extremely lazy during this pandemic. I sleep, work, and watch series all-day everyday. The creative devil inside of me keeps popping up now-and-then, making me feel guilty of how pathetically I am wasting my precious time, but I still refuse to move. I wasn’t like this 2 months back. A lot … Continue reading Stunning East + Latest K-Craze

Dimple . . Mismatched . . Rishi . . How . . Original

I decided to watch “Mismatched” – a new Netflix India show. I was able to complete it in like two hours as it has only six episodes. I had no expectations from the show, to be honest. So, I was not disappointed. It showcases cute teenage romance between the various couples on the show. The show tries so hard to give moral lessons but fails … Continue reading Dimple . . Mismatched . . Rishi . . How . . Original

Get to know me? (Ok, don’t)

I didn’t get any time to update or post anything on my blog since I started full time. To be honest, the schedule has been jam packed. Learning new things, meetings new people – it’s been tiresome and exciting at the same time. Posting this questionnaire that I recently filled up for my team. This is me being candid. Not trying to be a narcissist, … Continue reading Get to know me? (Ok, don’t)