seasonal updates

This week has been extremely tough for me. I am talking about Meta Layoffs. I will refrain from commenting on it on my personal blog, but it’s not been very good, to say the least. I did not expect this to happen at the beginning of the festive season. I wasn’t laid off, so I can sit here in some peace and write this blog. 

I haven’t written anything in a while. I barely get any time – New York keeps me busy. This city has a lot to offer, and I find myself running from one event to another every weekend. I recently retook the personality test, and to my surprise, I have officially transitioned from an “introvert” to an “extrovert.” 🙂 My anxiety has gone down significantly. I am in a much better state of mind. For those who do not know, I have suffered from severe anxiety all my life. A good friend once asked me if I had ever experienced life without anxiety or fear. To which I had replied, “No!” Then he described how easy and fun life is without these bullish emotions. And now that I have experienced it firsthand, I totally understand. Grass is indeed greener on the other side 🙂 

Also, one thing that has been burning in my mind for the past few weeks and is entirely unrelated to the vibe of this post, but I still wanted to type it out because who cares ehhh — WHY IS TWITTER BECOMING A JOKE!!!?? WONDER WHY ELON MUSK IS TRYING TO DESTROY THIS PLATFORM SO DESPERATELY!! So I will leave this here until I find my answers. 

I have a few things on my plate for the next few weeks – I am excited about them. I will leave you all with a piece I wrote last month but did not get a chance to publish.

So I finally moved to New York in July this year. After months of planning, I was able to make it. It was all going great until I visited my friends back in California last week. We had so much fun. I missed them even when I came back. I did not go out for three whole days. But I finally decided to dress up and go to work. After a long day of meetings, I hopped onto train 6 at Astor Place. To my surprise, it was kind of full, which is usually not the case at that stop. I got in and found a pole to hold on to. A middle-aged guy was sitting right next to it. 

I could tell that he was tired. He was exhausted. He was sleeping in the subway, in so much noise, with so many people around him. He did not care about anything. There was one empty seat next to him. Fifteen minutes in, he was still sleeping, but now he had escalated into a deep sleep. He started dozing off and literally laid his head on the empty seat next to him. A fellow passenger and I shared a smile. It was nothing funny, just a guy sleeping in the subway. Just a guy who was so tired that he fell asleep. People moved away to give him more space. 

That was the first time I genuinely smiled after returning. So that’s New York City, I thought. That’s the reason I moved here. You might be alone, but you will always find a good reason to smile. You will have stories to tell. 

Thanks for reading so far. Have a great day! 🙂 

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