reflecting back

What consumes your mind, controls your life.

Mel Robbins

I started this blog to self-reflect on my behavior and improve myself. Unfortunately, I think I got side-tracked. I stopped thinking of everything wrong with me and tried to write something which sounded more clever. I should stop it.

I say this today because I sat for two hours on the couch just trying to think of a topic to write. But, all the issues that crossed my mind were centered around my battles. I guess I have become too conscious lately with my reader base. This post is the first step toward going back to the roots.

I started to think that writing blogs about yourself was pretty narcissistic, but not really. I think it is okay. And honestly, this is all I know. I have been a relatively quiet person all my life. I bottled my emotions even as a kid. The only thing that kept me floating was writing my journal. It kept me sane and forced me to sit and focus on something. I do not think I would have overcome most of my problems if not for this hobby. It taught me patience and helped me resolve my internal conflict.

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to write about more important things like “How to be a great leader”!

But one lesson I can share right away is that self-reflection, self-awareness, and empathy are the essential skills to have as a leader. Recognizing your emotions, pausing, responding, and learning to take a step back is critical.

So, if you are reading this, I encourage you to do the same. But, of course, you may be already doing it without knowing, e.g., talking to a friend or canceling your Netflix subscription to increase your productivity. So, whatever it is, keep doing it. Cheers!

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