Disclaimer – I wrote this about two weeks back when the controversy happened. I just never posted it. I finally had some time to work on this draft.

Why am I writing about this? Because my commute to the Menlo Park office is one damn hour – ONE WAY. So, I would work/write instead than look outside. Ohh, no, I do look outside. I don’t love watching traffic, you know – so I peek out once in a while to appreciate the hills and corporate buildings in the South Bay. You will find some strange drivers on the 101; maybe more about it in the next post. But, let’s focus on the topic for today – What is my opinion on the Chris Rock – Will Smith Controversy?

Yes, I have views like literally every person on Twitter right now. The limitation of words on Twitter drives me away from the platform. I am such a lousy writer that I will use up half the characters for hashtags when I try to tweet. But anyway, who cares. Let’s focus on the topic? Yes, please.

At your highest moment, be careful; that’s when the devil comes for you.

Will Smith, Oscars 2022

My chums had a small house party for my friend who moved to New York. Okay, so what?! I mention this because I arrived way too early, as I always do, and had a heated discussion with my friend about this Oscar controversy.

My friend was watching Mentalist with a serious face as if he was investigating the case himself when I arrived. I think he was prepping himself for this convo beforehand. So, I just mentioned this event, and there it went. No, no, it wasn’t a friendship-breaking conversation, guys. BUT it did fire up when he said,

You are entitled to your own opinions!

Is it just me, or does it trigger everyone? It felt like,

Your opinions are a bit loose, and you belong to the minority jerks who believed Will Smith still deserved an Oscar irrespective of the violence that happened just minutes back.

None of it was said, but my friend mentioned each part separately during the convo. It was only after this statement was slammed on my face that I put everything together in my head. It makes my friend sound like a jerk. No, No, he is not. He is a sweetheart. It’s just me overanalyzing because I have so much free time on the shuttle.

In all seriousness, I think Will Smith still deserved the Oscar. Yes, he was violent, and I completely condemn it. But, ignoring the actor’s years of hard work in the Industry because of what happened that night would be cruel. Agree?

Chris’s joke was lame and not funny. I honestly had to google the reference. Jada had alopecia, because of which she lost her hair and had to go bald. I think everyone knows that now. People are more aware of alopecia than any other rare disease. Guess that is good for Alopecia patients, then.

It must have been difficult for everyone involved.
For Jada, (I suppose) she had to take that joke, given her condition.
For Will, to see his wife tipping down on that joke. His intention was probably to provide support and make Jada feel that she wasn’t alone. He slapped the guy and walked back with arrogance, only to realize how big of a mistake that was. How that had the power to take his whole career down. How it takes just a minute to change everyone’s opinions.
For Chris, he had to take that slap in front of a live audience worldwide. And that was so brave. I respect him for keeping the straight face. He could have slapped back in reflex, cried, or showed some emotion. But, he kept his calm and continued like a true host.

We do not know what happens in the celebrities’ personal lives, despite tabloids claiming they know it all. We look at them from the outside. Maybe Will had a big fight with his manager or son that evening. Perhaps he was high on something. Maybe Chris and Will had some old grudges. Possibly all this was fucking staged. WE DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. Saying that Will shouldn’t support his apparently “cheater” wife is double trouble. You disregard Will’s position and judge Jada without knowing the facts.

I think my point is that we should stop judging people without knowing everything involved.

In this business, you’ve got to be able to have people disrespecting you, and you’ve got to smile, and you’ve got to pretend like that’s OK.

Will Smith, Oscars 2022

Also, Will got banned from the Oscars for the next ten years. He won his Oscar, and now we will not see him there for the next ten years. Now, that’s the suitable punishment. I think this is justice. Chris gets to open all his stand-ups with this joke now. Will Smith (maybe) goes through a guilt trip every Oscar season. We even?

This article was a bit biased. Please don’t mind. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinions.

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