seven hundred plus days

Nowadays, I see a lot of people on the roads. Once empty, San Francisco streets are now beaming with vehicles. People are lining up outside the restaurants. I see employees riding their bikes to go to offices at 9 pm for their morning stand-up. I see many of my friends going back to offices for free lunch HAHAHA. My gym mates have stopped using face masks. The flight schedules have gone back to normal as that during pre-covid. People are back in the air quite literally. It feels like a new world.

Rewind to March 2020, Covid had just begun spreading, and the world was slowly learning about it. No one expected what was about to unfold. No one was ready to spend 24 hours in a day in a box. It was a sad phase. Two years in, It has gotten better. Things are opening up, and people are meeting each other without face coverings.

It takes about 20 days to gain a new habit. We spent 700+ days with the personal habits that sprung up during quarantine. Good or bad, all those habits are now real. Most of us will have to outgrow the bad ones as the world opens up.

On the personal front, I learned a lot during covid. I managed to control my anxiety, found the underlying causes of this chattering mind, and learned to calm myself down.

I recently celebrated my 26th Birthday. One year older me is much wiser than the 22-year-old kid who came to the United States with bright hopes for the future.

This year, I want to do a lot of things. I want to travel to new places, get over my social awkwardness, make new friends, move to New York City (YESSS, I AM MOVING), and be more confident.

I have always struggled with Leadership positions. I always felt like I was not good enough or not ready enough. I thought I did not have the skills or confidence to care for everyone in my team. I have been a team player but never a team leader. I am probably a severe case of imposter syndrome. This year, I want to break those mental barriers.

Should I talk about the Ukraine Russia War? I do not know. This war should not be happening. The people who survived the covid are now dying because of this war between the neighbors. I can not believe this is happening in the 21st century. I thought the world had learned from its past mistakes. I thought the leaders were supposed to bring peace and security to their citizens. I hope to see this war end soon. I do not wish to see any more people die because of one power-hungry individual. Let us pray for all the families involved and fund Ukraine’s mitigation efforts. xoxo

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