i am going to tell stories

People sit by the lakes, waterfalls, mountains and capture their sentiments into abstract things like a drawing or a note – I envy them so much. I wish to be that person someday. I see things, but I do not observe them – I listen to podcasts, but I do not reasonably think about what I heard. I wish to be the person who can translate her emotions into words.

I haven’t written anything since October because I was mostly busy exploring new places in San Francisco and around. I took this time off to find myself, and my inner calling. Everyone has something they are passionate about, something that drives them. I don’t know if I have found that for myself. I am particularly curious to explore the path of Storytelling. As a Data Engineer, I often get to portray different stories with my data, but I genuinely want to do more.

You know, when you go to a Museum, and look at this fantastic painting – and something in your shifts – I want to create that something. Something unpredictable, and edgy. I want to do this to leave a legacy. I want to look back and feel proud about my creation – something that moves others, even on the most miniature scale. Photos, Webtoons, Comics, Videos – the medium could be anything. I just want to be able to sit with a great team, generate ideas, and create. Nothing comes closer to the satisfaction that comes with creation. If you are looking to team up, feel free to get in touch. 🙂

I know how vague that sounds. I probably don’t know where I am headed. But hey, neither did I know when I started this blog 5 years back. You eventually find your style, you settle, and enjoy the process. I am still not super-comfortable with writing blog posts – it’s time-consuming, and has pretty low returns. Despite that, going through all my posts makes me optimistic.

That’s all for today. Leaving with some highlights from the last few months.

Yosemite National Park – Awed by the beauty of this Park, Nature at its best 😻

Mt Shasta and Lassen Volcanic National Park Snow, Waterfall, and 10+ mile Hikes ✔️

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