creativity is expensive.

When I was in the first standard, my class had 40 students in it. This was just one section. We had three such sections – making a whopping 120 students in one standard only. My class size only increased as I graduated to the next grades. 40 students, one cramped room, humid Indian weather, and the immense pressure to score high – this sums up my childhood. 

<Side note: India is crowded>

My anxiety always had the better of me. I used to take the first bus in the morning for school. The bus came even before sunrise, dropping me at an almost empty school. Often, I used to be the one to open the doors of my class and clean the blackboard. Then my ritual was to walk around the floor, check out the art wall in other classrooms, and stare at the huge dome of our school. 

Nothing has changed, you will still find me staring at walls absurdly 👻

Crowded places scare me. Reaching the school early morning gave me some time to “settle” there. The crowd grew around me which was less intimidating. 

Thanks to all those early morning sessions, I became good at observing intricate details. Looking at the art work was often the best part of my day. I used to make a mental note of the best works for inspiration. This was my version of Instagram, hahaha. 

Learning from others’ mistakes, making new mistakes, being respectful and the art of managing chaos are the most important skills I learned while growing up in India. 

I refrain from calling myself a creative person. Creativity is expensive. I would rather call myself an excellent observer. 

Creativity requires patience. Immense patience and dedicated time. You can not force yourself to rush. It has to flow. 

It takes a week to shoot a 20-minute short movie, one week to edit it, and more than six months to produce it. Every scene has to carry the story further. A lot of time is spent in the writer’s room, brainstorming various ways to shoot the same scene. Each step of the process is challenging. You will witness a masterpiece only if everything falls in place correctly and harmoniously. 

“The movie is immersive and engaging” – is probably the best compliment a movie could get. The fact that the audience felt invested, and was dragged into that fictional world the director wanted to create is the biggest win for everyone involved. And that’s why a filmmaker like Quentin Tarantino is celebrated all across the world. That guy is a genius. In his free time, he watches movies from all around the world to learn film-making and seek inspiration. 

Observe & Learn ▪️ Be Open-minded ▪️ Have your “me” time to work on your passion project ▪️ Be patient ▪️ Hit the pause button – sit with yourself and breathe ▪️ Believe in yourself

PS: I did not get a chance to write for the last couple of weeks. I moved to a new place. Moving is no joke, it sucks. My new home is nice, it’s right by the bay bridge, love the views 😀

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