master of quarantine

Quarantine Day Count – 200+ days now!

Heads up – I get the most random thoughts nowadays. I am going to write some of them down today.

I was a curious kid and wanted to know it all. I remember having so many questions to ask, but no one to answer them. My mind used to haul in all different directions. One day I tried to learn painting, other day dancing, and so on. To be honest, I couldn’t ask my parents to pull thousands of rupees off from their salaries for my whims, especially given how hard they worked for it.

But could that have stopped me from exploring new stuff? Eh, Nooooo.

I taught myself dancing by watching dance videos on tv and swaying along when no one was around. I recollect having a self-imposed strict regime of watching English movies and reading newspapers every day to improve my hold over language. (And look at me, I am still so bad at it). In school competitions, I used to force myself to think out-of-the-box.

I used to style my clothes, trying to find that perfect blend of colors. That was an exciting phase for me. At one point, I tried enrolling in a Fashion Design class, which didn’t happen because I was under-aged. I can call myself a creative person. My happiness lies in challenging myself and pushing my limits.

No one was asking me to do all these. I am proud to say that I learned many things on my own. I wish I had some teacher to guide me through it all, would not have been such a confused individual in that case. Having a coach or mentor is a blessing in disguise. You will discover immeasurable satisfaction in learning. Having someone who could answer all your doubts and help you grow and succeed is so necessary.

Flaunting my new glasses 🙂

Strive for a perfect Mentor. Stop aiming for success, money, fame, or job. Get a good coach, learn the skill, work hard, ask questions, and success will follow. This advice comes from my personal experiences.

It is simple! When you are passionate about something, curiosity tags along. When you confront your mentor with all these questions, the whole conversation helps you learn new things. It will improve your communication as well. Talking out loud always helps.

So, yeah. Just felt like writing about it. I get to work with some of the smartest minds in Silicon Valley. I feel challenged every day. I feel blessed to have someone to guide me. I could not have asked for more.

One more thing – Adulting is so damn weird. As a student, submitting an assignment used to give me a sense of achievement. But, nowadays, I complete ten different tasks, commit twice a day, cook, clean, and make my bed. It still is not enough. Huh!

In other news, I saw the “Blackpink: Light up the Sky” Documentary on Netflix. More power to the Girl Band!!! Love them ❤

Quarantine has changed me so much. It is a much-needed break from the outside world.

Hope all of us come out stronger and brighter from the Quarantine season 😀

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