Preparing for the Data Role

I have been getting a lot of messages on LinkedIn, asking me for preparation tips for Data Engineer roles. While talking to most of the candidates, I realized that they were unaware of the critical differences between the various roles in the field of Data. It’s not advisable to apply for roles blindly. In this post, I will first give you an overview of all the different Data Roles and how they are interconnected. Later, I will put down some preparation Tips for Data related roles.


I have covered various roles in the Infographic below.

Data-Roles (1)

The role and responsibilities may vary depending on the scale of the company.


So, how do you prepare for the Data Roles?
  • SQL ! SQL ! SQL ! Practice a lot of SQL
  • Be a savvy Python Developer
  • Think like a Product Manager. Take up your favorite Application, and think of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Determine the criteria for Decision Making
  • Teamwork and Collaboration are essential skills needed for any Data Role. Be a good Communicator. Whether it be an interview or a Team Meeting, make sure to speak your mind
  • Learn different Visualization Techniques and present your findings in the best way possible. Make it impressive
  • Study Datawarehousing concepts for Data Engineering Roles
  • Have a basic understanding of Data pipelines, MapReduce Concepts, Graph Models, Data Analytics platforms, Database Concepts, Kubernetes, Containers, and various open-source Apache Products. (Depth Knowledge is not needed – But, basic information will help you understand the bigger picture)

Don’t forget to communicate confidently. Be open, and connect with your peers.

I am not putting down any resources in the post. I believe the more you read, the more you learn. There is no end to knowledge, especially in the Data Field.

How do I get the Interview? Networking! Referrals by Senior Level Employees can help. Ultimately the recruiter decides to shortlist you or not. Have an impressive resume, put down your projects that are caterred specifically for the role. Be Genuine, Be Yourself!


Best of Luck Folks! I will keep editing this post, let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments or message me on LinkedIn.

PS. All the points I mentioned in this post come from my understanding of the roles. In case, you think any points in this post are inaccurate then please bring it to my notice.

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