Week 6 . . . Eh?

It’s the end of Week 6 of Quarantine for me. Things have changed drastically in the last few weeks. From my habits to behavior, I see some extreme changes. Here is me, writing candidly about them.

Writing is a very creative process. It does take will power to sit down for 20 minutes straight and write about anything, even as simple as just describing your day. I have been planning to blog more frequently for so long, I keep procrastinating and end up not following a set pattern. Dedicate more time to write! From today, I am planning to write one or two meaningful lines describing the day every single day. Hopefully, I keep up with this habit.

I started my Medium.com Subscription. I bet this was the best decision I made in 2020. Every single day, I sit and read 10-15 meaningful articles about UX Design, React, economic condition around the Globe, and more. I always wanted to invest more time reading, but Novels and books never seemed plausible since after a point I got bored and discontinued, and then the guilt emerged. Medium has provided me a more flexible routine.

Starting the morning with some good informative lectures. I usually watch about hour-long videos by the Royal Institute on Youtube. Some days I just hop on to watch Ted Talks.

Finally, the internship is over, giving me more time to work on my personal Project. Learning React, Neo4j, and Knowledge Graphs.

Improving my Photography skills. I take my camera, go out, try different camera settings and colors to click some photos. I learned the Aperture and Shutter speed mode on my Canon M50 this week.

Dedicating one hour each day for doing something damn creative. During this time, I switch off my mobile so I can give undivided attention to the work I am doing.

I started using Twitter today. The aesthetics of the website have changed a lot since the last time I used it. The trending section confuses me now. Follow me – https://twitter.com/__shraddhaa__

Thank you for reading!

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