Chilling in my Pyjamas – Day 27

There is not much to write today, but I got some things to show. I went out for a walk with my Camera. I am going to share the video in this post.


Also, I am currently reading this Interesting book called – Calculus Diaries. It’s opening me to lots of interesting facts on Calculus. Other than that, it has also simplified many concepts for me. I just picked it from the Bookstore randomly about a month back, I finally got some time to read it. Yay!

It’s the end of the Weekend. Let’s see what we have in the box next week.


Thank you for taking out time to read the post. I can’t wait for the next weekend. I Will try to make a better video next time, I will learn probably some professional skills by the end of Quarantine if nothing, hopefully. Lol.

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