Work From Home – Day 25

The weekend is finally here. I don’t know why but I feel like I am working more at home than I ever did in the Office. All the time I saved in traveling is spent wisely nowadays on doing some productive activities. I have been planning to do a lot more things like reading books, meditating, writing some interesting articles, but I do not get time to do any of that. Weekends are comparatively more exciting because I do not have to sit idol on my couch thinking endlessly about what I should do, I have some pre-determined work and I am responsible to report to my the Team about the outcomes of the work I did the respective day. The reporting part keeps me on my toes and makes me work hard throughout the day.

Weekends are different. I feel tired the whole time, take 1 hour-long shower. Cook something fancy and unusual. Dress up. And work on the Assignments which are mostly due every Sunday! Today was so frustrating because I was mostly stuck on some minor CSS fixtures and it took the whole day. I almost started pulling my hair due to it. I am so tired today, Ready to hit my bed early.

I was always afraid of Work From Home. I thought it’s not so productive, but this time was a pleasant surprise. I realize if you have an ample amount of work, and you are told to report about your implementations from time-to-time, then WFH does make a lot of sense. Not Afraid of working from home anymore.

I made the To-Watch Checklist, shows/movies available on Netflix and Prime. My Watch List is available in the Updates Section of the website. My everyday posts might not be fun to read, but I am doing it to record myself over the duration of this pandemic. After 10 years when I look back, I will distinctly remember about these days, and I can proudly share it with my children about how we were stuck inside our houses for months for the sake of humanity.

Cheers on that! Thank you for reading.

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