Work From Home – Day 24

The weekend is around the corner, yet I am no more thrilled about it. Each day of the week has become identical, sitting on the couch, then shifting on the Bed, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sleeping. The same cycle repeats every day.

I have always been an introvert child, which makes the “Social Distancing” aspect of the Coronavirus more appealing for me. I have become more productive in the last few weeks. I wake up on time, cook for myself, eat properly, take care of my hygiene, and I no longer have to worry about getting ready for work. I don’t mind working some extra hours at home.

The internship and Semester Course Load is keeping me busy as of now. Everything is going on fine at the moment, but there is an unusual uncertainty regarding future circumstances. While I am loving my Quarantine period, I am not ready to live with this anxiety for an extended time.

Trevor Noah had Bill Gates on his Social Distancing Talk show tonight. Watching it sent shivers down my spine. He pointed out a lot of fascinating facts during his interview with Trevor. In one of the answers, he mentioned that it might take up to 16-18 months to come up with a vaccine for this pandemic, which is going to take a huge toll on the economy. More than that, it’s going to keep people anxious and scared about the health and safety of their family and loved ones. The large gatherings will be suspended for the rest of the year, including initial months next year. Extreme Rules will be imposed on International Travels and crossing borders will become a more prominent issue. One principal concern he pointed out was that when a person from a developing country will travel to a developed country like the United States, he is going to be viewed down upon, he will have to stay in isolation for at least a week to prove that he is safe, which will ultimately demotivate the people from travel internationally. The pandemic has already damaged the Airline Industry, flights are getting cancel, routes are closing, and the companies are facing huge economic hardships during this time of global crises.

I am an International Student on F1 Student in the United States. Where do I stand? Returning to my Home country is not an option for me, I came here to make my career, work hard, and find success in the Industry. With the current crises, millions of Americans are losing their jobs, I question myself as to where I stand? I don’t have an answer for it. Even my friends who were planning to come here for further Studies had to cancel/defer their Fall Intake. I see my present classmates struggling to find a job at this time when most companies are laying off their current employees. All of us are going through difficult times. As an International Student, we don’t know what lies in the future, it’s all bleak, it’s scary. Neither do we get any funding from our Home Country, nor do we get funded by the Government of the United States, we are pretty much on our own.

Yes, it’s tough. Let’s leave it there. That was my Day 24.

Thank you for reading.

PS: I clicked the cover photo today while taking a walk outside in the evening. Air quality has improved so much, so pleasant, so beautiful! 

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