Work From Home – Day 23 – Improve Coding Practices

Extremely Productive Day Today. I started the day by attending the morning Lecture, then began working on the Internship work at around 10:00 am. After fusing my head over a certain bug for more than 4 hours with no food or water, I gave up. I watched Trump’s daily Briefing at 3:30 pm. Then I sat back to work on the Bugs, and yes I was able to solve it this time.

One Take away from today was the pair programming session with one of the Senior Developers. Since I had never worked on React, I had to completely start learning the Language and develop modules with it at the same time. The code I wrote is not modular, it has a lot of redundant loops and Logical errors. Obviously, despite those warnings and useless if/else statements, my code still works to give you a nice looking frontend. I always knew that the code I wrote wasn’t following the standards, but it was today when my Senior was discussing the code that I realized I could improve so much.

So, here is the thing – Even if you come from the Data Science Background (Like Me), you should still do some Web Development. Why? Because it’s challenging. It involves a lot of Structuring, Embedded Logic, and is much more convoluted than it appears. In the past 3 years, I have always heard people talking about Naming Conventions, which isn’t that big of a deal in Data Science, but following the Standard and Naming Conventions in Web Development is an Art. If one can master even one language, and code it up, he/she can improve 10 times on their coding skills.

After spending the whole evening thinking about what to eat, I ended up eating Noodles. I wish I knew cooking… Damn. I regret never helping my Mom. That’s why nowadays the only advice I give to my younger sibling is to learn cooking.

Talking about Trump’s Briefing today, He has started acknowledging the deadly spread of the coronavirus. He stands there answering every media person’s question for more than an hour every day. It feels nice to see the President of the United States standing up there and accepting all the short-comings of the country and empathizing with the people. I am not sure how strong of a leader he is when the cameras are not rolling, but right now he seems to be working tirelessly to combat the virus.

I sent a couple of emails late in the evening. Finalized a few points. That’s about it.

Thank you for reading, Folks 🙂

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