Work From Home – Day 22

Hello, I hope all of you are doing well. There is a lot of confusion and anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic across the globe. About 3 weeks back, I was asked along with my Teammates to Work from Home because we were in contact with a delegate from Canada who has been traveling around the US. While the person tested negative for the virus, we were still asked to quarantine for 2 weeks. By the end of 2 weeks, the government declared the Shutdown making the rest of my Internship @ LATimes remote.  

I have been trying to stay away from the media channels, I find them too negative and that’s the last thing I currently want. I check the numbers once a while on the Coronavirus Dashboard for updates. 

I was listening to Trump’s Daily Briefing today, one of the reporters pointed out that California is doing much better than New York tackling the virus. I spent some time thinking about the possible reasons for it. 

Listing down the Possible Reasons why Corona cases in California are lesser than that in New York:

  • Silicon Valley/Corporate Culture
  • Geek Community
  • Popular places are spread out throughout the state, unlike NY where the population is densely concentrated in the city
  • Preparedness due to Wild Fires. CA is always ready to combat any climatic hazards, which gives the state an upper hand to face any calamity.


Just my thoughts. Let me know if any of you think otherwise. I am considering posting every day starting today till the WFH is under effect. 

Stay safe! Happy Quarantining. 

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