Last few months have been one of the Best phases of my Life, Not only did I get to learn a lot of interesting stuff, but also I got to meet some really amazing people. Reading motivational articles and Quotes has been my most common past time, it inspires me a lot. It’s a good feeling when you actually get to implement such philosophical texts.
Independence has multiple meanings. It might mean something to someone and something completely different to someone else. In the last 3.5 years, I stayed at my college hostel, where I was imposed by many kinds of restrictions, in fact, I didn’t even realize how silly they were until recently when I shifted to Ahemdabad for Internship. My parents being workaholic, I always saw them coming home exhausted and even then they used to stay busy with their work. Not that they gave less priority to me, but they were more dedicated to their respective  work. It always encouraged me to try a little more harder in everything I struggled with. Somehow I always wanted to be like them, for me that was the real Independence. To be so much involved in your work, that you don’t even bother to acknowledge anything else happening around. Having your own room, Paying your rents, Cooking your own meals, working like 15 hours a day, traveling, watching movies, eating at good places, buying gifts for your parents, Spending like a Boss, hanging out with the Best of people… Aaahaa. What else would a person want? That’s how I live.
This is the life that I always wished for, and here I want to mention the very famous Law mentioned in the book The Secret (Must Read !!!),
Whenever you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
Have a goal and work for it, so hard that even after staying awake for 20 hours you still think that you have not given your Best. Make things work, even if they seem impossible. Remember Impossible is nothing, It’s your own story. If something doesn’t feel right, Just flip the side, Change the Perspective. And you will see the Magic happening. The same event won’t be as gloomy, even your enemy would seem friendly. It took me a long time to actually inculcate this virtue, but today I find myself to be much more poised and confident than ever before.
Coming home Late after a hectic day, and then lying down on your bed, thinking about all the amazing stuff you did the respective day, It’s such a satisfying state of Mind. Something completely beyond words. Food, Money and Clothes, these are all the things you want to survive in the World. No one is going to carry their money to the grave, so It’s better to spend lavishly when you are young and breathing rather than waiting for that one right moment! Realized that even a burned toast tastes fine on the day you are extremely hungry and too tired to cook. See happiness in the everything around you. Redefine your own self.
Enjoy your life guys, irrespective of your age, color, gender, or anything that binds you. That’s all I want to say to everyone who is reading this blog post right now. Make the most of your time, Face your Fears, Follow your passion, Bring a Change, Surround yourself with the most creative pals, Fall in Love, Propose your Crush, Have your heart-broken, Make a mini-library at your home, Back Float in a pool, Swing on Loud music without any drink, Do what you are most afraid of doing, Talk to a random person if you are an introvert, Do something which you thing you can never ever Do, Break your barriers, Cook your own meal, Travel alone, give your younger sibling a gift every week, Have a deep conversation with your new friend, fall, rise up, and just Do what you really Want to do. A smile of yours, can light up someone’s entire day, understand that. You yourself are your worst enemy, Don’t let the procrastination and laziness take you down. Get up, get High, Stay Happy 🙂
There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer. 

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