It’s been a really long time that I have posted a blog on the site. So here I am. Adding a new Category to the site named “Technology”. So, the thing is I am a Computer Engineer and I am gonna be graduating in about 6 months now. And I wanted to start a Tech Blog where I could write and share my views regarding changing Technology and current Trends. But instead of creating a new Blog, I have decided to merge the idea into this blog itself. I know the site has seen some major changes, from being a ‘Wanna-be philosophy’ blog to a Tech Blog. But my goal is to bring in as much fresh content as possible.

In this section, I’ll be posting everything that I am currently studying. I have realized that when I study for exams, the one thing that most annoys me is the lack of proper material. I am stuck in the process of finding a proper source of material to study for a particular topic. It takes hours just to find the right answers after citing almost 10-15 sites. That is my perspective. So, with this Section on my Blog, I want help all the students and share my notes with them.

Stay Tuned for Updates. A Lot coming up in the upcoming weeks.

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