Brian Acton

Today I am going to write about the Inventor of the most famous messaging application for mobile phones, Whatsapp. Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded world’s largest mobile messaging platform, at the age of 42 and 39 respectively, certainly proving that age is just a number. In spite of being considered old for the Silicon Valley, their contribution has disrupt the telecom business and have created new ways of instant messaging, making communication much easier.

whatsapp-hirez-001.jpgI am here to particularly talk about Brian Acton, the back story and the inspirations, along with the struggles he had during the journey. I’d try to cover every aspect of his life in this article. This story of success is mostly about how a person should never loss hope and never ever ever give up, in spite of all the challenges coming up in the way, their is always a ray of sunshine and you might just get lucky.

Brian Acton grew up in central Florida and went to two different universities before graduating from Stanford University in 1994 with a degree in computer sciences. After getting his degree he started working for Apple as a software engineer. It was in 1996 that he started working for Yahoo! as the 44th employee. Acton began as a software engineer, focusing on Advertising and Data Processing. Acton’s mother ran a freight-shipping firm and gave him early insight into running a business and meeting payroll.

Fast forward to 2009, Acton lost his job and no one wanted to hire him. He had tons of experience working at Apple Computers and Yahoo! yet no one was ready to hire him. Even Facebook and twitter rejected him after his interviews. Well, the companies seriously screwed up doing this, as just in a few damn years this guy created a revolution which was quite unstoppable and then it turned out that the companies tried to cash on them.

Brian met Koum back in 2007 when they were working together in Yahoo. So after getting rejected from the big companies, Acton decided to go the usual way and start his own start-up. The work space was present in Mountain View, California. Their start-up had become the King of Cloud Messaging. Believe it or not, Whatsapp was bought by Facebook for a stunning $16 billion in stock and cash, along with as much as $3 billion restricted stock units for founders.

Brian Acton now has a net worth of $5.1 billion. He is ranked 138 among the Fortune 400 people by Forbes and 338th billionaire in the world. He is ranked as the 120th wealthiest man in the United States of America.

That rebound of Acton and Facebook had been in headlines for months after the later acquired the company of the former. It’s certain to become a legendary story of hard luck, persistence for the job-hunters worldwide. It’s also likely to cause recruiters and hiring managers some anguish. Hiring the right people is a chancy exercise even in the best of circumstances. But no one at any big company wants to become famous for having let “another Brian Acton” slip away 😉

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