Ohh Yeah.. Introducing a new category to the blog, where I will be writing about my thoughts, daily routines, likes, dislikes about things and people around me. This category is much easier for me to write, ‘coz their isn’t any need to be formal.


Cumberbitches !!! That’s a term used for Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans around the globe. And me, I am a big big big fan of this guy, i drool over his work and his skills. The way he just adapts into the character, just like that, It just looks so smooth and effortless. He is just a really dynamic actor and once a person watches him act it’s hard not to be his fan. Recently i watched his latest outcome “Doctor Strange”, and what an experience I had. From a Marvel film i would have expected more science and gadgets coming into play, looking at their previous comic adaptations be it Iron Man, Captain America, or else, But Benedict’s character brings a completely new dimension to the Marvel Universe. No doubt Marvel selected Benedict to act for this part, I mean he was just perfect for the role, and this am not saying as a fan but as an audience. I loved the way he carried the utter charm, humor as well as the egoistic assets of the Dr.Stein Strange with dignity. According to the timeline, the next part will be coming after 2 years from now that is in the year 2018-19. Ohh gosh that’s a long time and I am pretty excited from now only. Hahaha.. The next franchise of Avengers will have him in an important role and that is just an awesome bowsome news. Waiting for that movie to soon hit the theaters.

Well I have been following other Hollywood actors too. I mean their is plenty of talent out there who is working their asses off to keep it in the main stream. But this guy seriously he is just so smooth. You look at his filmography, 2-3 movies a year and not to forget his TV series “Sherlock Holmes” coming out after every 1.5-2 years. Talking about Sherlock, I remember in my first year of Engineering, I had no idea who the hell this guy is. I had not even heard his name, but than one of my friends recommended me to watch “Sherlock Holmes” series, I was not interested in watching in since I thought it would waste my time. But then I decided to watch it, so i took the 3 seasons which were out by far at that time, and saw it back to back in 2 days. It’s not such a big season, just 3 episode, with each episode of 1.5 hrs. So i could manage. When he first came on screen, and introduced himself I was like wtf, seriously is he the one who is playing Sherlock, haha, yes anyone who must have watched him for the first time in Sherlock would have the same reaction. At first he doesn’t appear to be a very good looking man, he is more of charming though. With his those small eyes and a straight face it was just difficult to have a mindset of him being the famous Detective agent whose stories we have been hearing since ages. But then gradually episode by episode he was so consistent and perfect in his role, especially his dialog delivery. The way he spoke all those heavy loaded investigative dialogues with that shine in his eye, omg how could one not be his fan after watching all that.


After a special episode of Sherlock, Benedict is headed to start a all new season of this series, Season 4, which comes out this January,2017. Just a month to go and trust me my excitement is at peak. Well I am not sure if i would be able to watch it just when it goes on air since I live in hostel, but I will surely manage to watch it as soon as possible. So, it’s the 4th season and their are just tons of mysteries yet to be resolved. I remember at the end of Season 2 when his character dies, I was literally in tears. He couldn’t die, thank god for that I was watching back to back episodes so after the last episode of 2nd i watched the 1st episode of 3rd Season and I came to know that he was alive and all that was just a trick to distract his enemies. Few months later, I came to know that everyone reacted the same way seeing the last episode of 2nd season, everyone thought Benedict’s character was no more. Disappointed fans protested against the writers and demanded him to bring back. Obviously, according to the plot they couldn’t kill him and he was back and what an entry. The way he entered by smashing that window and then the Kiss, well that that scene made every girl fan die for him. Season 3 had an interesting twist, with Benedict getting to show off his funny bone to the audience. The episodes which show John’s weddings have some really funny scenes.

Born in England to 2 film actors, he was into this field since he was a child. He was 12 when he first made a debut in movies. And then he did a lot of theater plays and dramas at various big schools and Theaters, receiving many awards for his roles. I recently came to know about all his works he has done so far. Being in India, we don’t get to see all the Hollywood films that release there, we just see the once those are famous and have the worldwide release. I was watching this video on Benedict when I came to know much more about his other fantastic works. He has done hell lot of autobiographies in his career. ‘The Imitation Game’ is one of my all time favorite movies, He has won an Oscar for that and he clearly deserves one. Besides that He has played the role of Wiki leak’s founder in the movie ‘The Fifth Estate’ and profoundly enacted his tough journey against the Government and other bodies. A few years back, I had watched Eddie Redyman playing the famous Scientist Stephen Hawking and since then I could never imagine anyone else in that role but him, but then I got to know the Benedict had play the same role in the movie with the same title decades back. He has even played Villain in the famous Star Trek Series in 2013. Wow, I seriously love the amount of work he has been doing since such a long time.

Getting married around a year back, he is a proud father of 2 children. At the age of 40, most of the actors in India do lose their efficiency and the quality of work they do gets degraded, but than Hollywood has different cases, actors their are much more deep. They spend years sharpening their acting talent and getting the skills of going into the Characters. He is 40, since a child he was into films and he has spend his entire life into this acting field, that’s dedication and still going strong. He is among the Times top 100 Influential people around the World. He has worked his way up to the position he is today, and their is just no looking back. He has done some really fantastic and mind-blowing movies in the past and has a great career ahead with dozens of films in his kitty.

Being a #Cumberbitch I wait for every new film of his with same enthusiasm and eagerness. Had hardly got over his role of Dr.Strange, now we get him to see him as Sherlock soon. That is a good news. Can’t ask for more.

PS : If you are looking to watch Benedict in some action tickling and cracking jokes, I would recommend you to watch his episodes on The late night show with Jimmy Fallon 😉

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