The Fighter in You

Hella People.. It’s been a while i have made a post. Had my semester finals dragged in for a month period which still continues so couldn’t write for the blog. So today’s post is completely dedicated to me. Ohh don’t worry no am not going to write about myself fellas. Well am going through a kind of rough phase, Life is changing and I am learning new lessons. It’s all completely weird and tough and I seriously don’t have any idea what I am doing with myself. Well someone always keeps reminding me that I am not the only one in the world with lots of problems, everyone has problems and it’s probably best that we learn to deal with it ourselves.. So this post is for all you guys who are just feeling down and alone.

The title is the ‘Fighter in You’ , it’s something which just came in randomly at the time of posting, but it kind of going with the theme as well. Everyone has a fighter just lying withing us, and our life is like a battle field, not everyday is alike. You win, you lose but the important stuff is keep fighting. But this battle of life is not a war, one can enjoy it to the fullest and make the most of it.  It’s a tough world out there, and there are thoughts that you must know how to deal with.


Well first and the for most know that you need to get up from you bed and start doing something you like, instead of just sitting or lying down on your bed thinking of stuff that has went completely wrong, Just STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Stop over-exaggerating!! You know what start living in the present, It’s better if you learn to do this jink ‘coz this is going to help you soo soo much in the looong run. As you must have heard this famous quote somewhere…
” Yesterday is History , Tomorrow is a mystery but Today it’s a wonderful gift, that’s the reason its called ‘PRESENT’ ” 🙂
It’s a dialog from the movie Kung fu Panda. Haha.. I know how it feels when you feel low, one just doesn’t wants to do anything, keep floating in the sea of guilt and never come out. After a point you just start enjoying the swim and never return but that’s not such a good idea i guess.

Learn to let go. From my experiences one beautiful lesson i have got is, Learn to forget and forgive. I was one of those beings who used to grudge about a lot of things in my life, i mean almost everything that went wrong i used to blame it down to my destiny, well not anymore. Forgiving others, the mistakes they have done, is the best est thing one could do. You know why because it just feels so good down under. You don’t carry along with you the baggage of someone else’s faults. You forgive them for the biggest faults and you are free with the extra garbage you has been resting on your soul for a long long time. You get to concentrate on far more important activities that need you prior attention.

And for the one’s who have done something wrong, well the complete feeling of doing something wrong to someone completely burns you down, especially if the person is one of the closest people you have had. Trust me i know this. You just stop feeling like talking to anyone, suddenly you just have this abnormal thought that you got no no friends which is completely fine to have. But remember you got many, Yes you do. Obviously there are many kind of friends, one’s whom you casually catch up with and one’s whom you talk to everyday and there are the one who you are just attached to badly, the real ones. You always got their back, No matter what these people, give them a call, anyone of them and they’ll be there. This universe has millions and billions of human beings, and there are millions still sitting there and thinking they got no friends which is completely bullshit, you got many, Get out talk to people, Not such an easy stuff. But you got to do this.. For Yourself.

Get a Job. And when i say job it doesn’t mean just doing stuff for money, I mean something you want to do and you enjoy doing. It could be anything just like writing a blog, painting, excersing,reading books,playing games, attending movies, or anything you like. Start doing some work. You know what’s the trick with your mind, It’s like whenever the brain is free it’s start thinking and well snap it’s when this thinking turns to overthinking ever the minutest particle of our brain doesn’t know. So keep it busy with some job. Am not telling you to distract your mind, but just think and do something which you like, it will keep you away from those ugly feeling that keep haunting you and keep doing it till you it starts feeling completely normal.

Learn to trust people. Friends this is the biggest lesson i have learned in my entire life. Yes, learn to believe in everyone around yourself be it friends or best friends or even your enemies. You know why ‘coz everyone’s got a brain, they think stuff they do stuff and if they tell you they will do something, well they will do it. If you don’t trust they believe me it’s going to be a really tough time for you around. Start small, get small lessons of believing-ness (Haha just invented a new word 😀 ) .. Trusting is a good habit. Everyone must learn it to survive in this society.

Don’t always go with your instincts. Yes i know there must have been people who must have recommended you to follow your instincts and gut feelings and just do insane stuff on the go. But what am telling you is to do just the opposite. Wait a minute, think of the consequences and then do it. It might sound completely crazy and adventurous to do what you instincts tell you, but not always do we end up getting good results with it. So stop and think. You just don’t want to ruin it all by making wrong decisions, no you don’t right..? But yes on the same time it’s amazing to do crazy activities at times, sometimes you could take a stop and just go bang and do stuff that pleases you but not always, It’s the difference of this times which one should learn to make.

Stop Judging around everyone. That’s the final point I’d like to make. Everyone has this bug in our mind which keeps judges every person we meet and feeds in the data in our brain center in the way we have pursuited this people to be. Well it’s time you run an antivirus software scan and get redeemed with this bug of yours. You are missing out on big opportunities you don’t even know exists just because of this silly willy habit of yours. You know, the person could turn out to be your best friend or a sister/brother like figure to you, but you completely run over them by judging them on the go and just running your brain with the overloaded bulldozer. Just go with the flow. Be cool, be casual, Be You. Remember when we used to meet people as a child, we used to greet them be so delightful and try to at our best level of kindness, do that stuff, Be that person again. It helps!

Well so now the time of truth, Yes I have written all this, I have learned this and much more from my experiences, but no i don’t follow it all. But I really really really want to do and put in all this habits in my routine. But it’s tough i admit. I am learning new things everyday. Everyone does. It’s time we keep trying yet be our self and natural. I have made a lot of mistakes and when i say a lot I really mean it. I am not the kindest person around, i never was and I admit it, But the fact is one changes. When a person goes through the tough times, when he/she gets crushed badly at heart it’s that point of your life when you truly understand the importance of everything around you. I wake up everyday with a guilt feeling for the things i have done, but I’d never ever get this to turn over me. Yes what i have done I can never ever undo it, I can never ever heal the pain i have given to my closest people but yes what I can do is try to change things over. Give them some space, and let the time be the healer. I have learn the lesson of Patience and I know everything is going to be just O K like it has always been.

That was it.. My thoughts. The fighter within you, it never rests, it keeps enlarging the sphere of enlightenment around him. Keep up with yourself .. Be a good version of yourself .. and here your time starts.. ; )

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