Ultimate Saviour

I have been writing this Blog since like a month now, and I have written about different inspiring personalities who can motivate one to work hard and make the most of their Life. Today I want to write about a person who has is my personal Inspiration, any guesses? Well its’ my Mom 🙂

This morning, one of my roommates got food parcel from Home, and her parents had send her everything she wanted to eat infact much more than it. And it was seriously a treat to all of us, ‘coz nothing makes Hostel people more happier than food, and Home-made is just Heaven. We were exploring what else was send and just randomly a topic came out, where we started discussing about our Parents, and how much they care for us, and while eating one of the Parathas that was send by my friend’s mom, we realized how great our mothers actually are. We rarely appreciate what all she does for us, but she selflessly just keeps doing things just so that we get the best at the end of the day. Our happiness brings smile on her face, and I don’t think anyone could replace her, and whatever she has done for us, no one else can ever out do it. This post is not like the one’s you read on Mother’s day, but here I am writing about the best moments with my her and much more. This one’s for u momie.

I personally feel that my mom has a really Hectic schedule, She is a housewife, a social activist plus a doctor, that adds to her responsibilities and makes her so busy that she rarely gets time for herself. And in spite of everything she makes sure she spends the best time of the day with us. She makes me feel so complete that any words will never be enough to describe those feelings. Since I was 7 yrs old till i got 16 and left school, every morning she used to wake me up, and get me ready and made sure I was completely prepared for the day. When i got admission in college and i was supposed to leave home and shift to the hostel, a night before the day I was going to leave, she was awake the whole night packing my bags and arranging things. Her face was evident of the restless that she felt. And then the moment came when i finally had to leave, I was standing on the door and their she was completely sinked in tears. Her eyes reflected the love she had for me, this one step was going to keep us apart for a really long time. She hugged me tight, cried like a child, told me the best lines which i can merely forget, and those were like,
“Shraddha, it’s time you lead you life, It’s time you make your own decisions. Things in the outside world will be very tough, but I know you are strong. I know you will face everything bravely and come out shinning. I want you to make the most of you time and enjoy it well. And Remember your momie will always be proud of you .”

Whenever I remember these words, I get chills. Even after doing so much , not expecting anything in return is a quality which only mothers possess. We must have fought a thousand times, but every time she comes and sorts things out. I have done many terrible mistakes in my life, but never has she ever hit me for anything, every time I do something wrong, she makes me sit beside her and explains me how to solve that issue, gets me out of that stress. For her, what is most important is learning from those dreadful mistakes. She be like, see that Time has gone and whatever has happened has been done in Past,which you have no control over you can’t rewind and undo it. What you can do is Learn from it and tells me to make new mistakes every time and learn from the older once and not repeat it.

I remember I was in 9th standard, and had literally done something which was enraging enough to make my parents angry. My principal had called them to school to resolve the matter. Now this was a big thing, I was scared, ‘coz I was not wrong but the my classmates and everyone around had got a wrong impression about. Then calling my parents to school that too by principal was one big stamp of Shame, making me a hotshot topic of gossip for my classmates. I didn’t want my parents to be thinking wrong about me, because I actually had not done anything wrong, but i was too depressed to put my point. Coming out of princi’s office, my Mom talked just normally with me as if nothing had happened. She was so casual that i couldn’t believe if it was for real or just a Dream. There was no bizarre reaction or drama instead she told me it was fine that i had make a wrong decision, but now that i have done it I must make sure i completely go through the consequences of it and get a lesson, ‘coz at the end it’s not the mistakes we commit that people remember, it’s the contribution we have had in their lives that stays with them. She taught me how every smallest moments with even the strangers matter.

Completely detached from friends, I could have easily stayed depressed for months, but she kept me motivated, she used to make me go to school everyday even though i didn’t at all wished to go, So that i stay with my friends and become normal gradually. Looking back at those memories now, I realize I would have never become so strong and emotionally stable and would have easily lost trust in the worldly rituals, if she wouldn’t have supported me at that time pushing me to get out of my self created boundries, crushing my ego by making me face the people who were just accusing me for a random shit. She taught me to be strong and gave me a lesson to have a positive attitude towards one and all ‘coz at the end people like to be with only them who are genuinely kind and have good vibes. She taught me to be that person.

In 8th standard, i had a really bad accident, had got multiple fracture in my left leg and scars all around my body. I was told to have a complete bed rest for at least 6-7 months, the injury was that serious. So it was really clear that i could not attend my school, and i was on the verge of wasting my whole year since i was not in any condition to go to classes, I was shattered, living at one place with no friends and the feeling of complete uselessness had surrounded me. But in a matter a 3 months, she got me back. Every morning getting me ready she used to take me to school herself and carry me to the class and come back to recieve me after the school, this thing continued for more than 2 months, till i finally managed to walk awkwardly without the stick. And i got 80% that year, didn’t miss a single exam , and managed to complete everything that too on time, i don’t think that could have been possible without her, She was there the whole time. Supported me when i myself had lost all the hopes both mentally and emotionally. I feel that was the worst period of my life, but it went so smoothly and making a better person. After facing this, i feel i can face any terrible event ‘coz I know my parents are always there by my side.

There are a thousand more such incidents which are rushing down my memory lane, where she had been my support and had held me from falling. I am very lucky that i got a mom like her. She always told me to have a positive attitude and use mind only in crucial decisions where intellect is essential, ‘coz i can be in the biggest of problems, but if my mind says that it’s not a problem then everything just changes in a blink of an eye. With every new scenario, I relate to these words and hold myself.

Today I love my life, i have great friends, and my studies are going great. Everything is perfect. Problems are there but that doesn’t matter ‘coz I am much more stronger than those small issues. My mom has taught me this. I am sure all of you reading this article, must undoubtedly also have your own such #MomStories, Go back cherish those moments and be thankful for having her who stays by your side no matter what, who is a teacher and a best friend. A person who never demands a single thing. For her, your Happiness is everything. The next time you ever feel sad then remember your mom and smile ‘coz at the end that’s all she wants, and this is the best you can do for all the efforts she has put for you. Dedicating her complete life just for your sake, that’s how great they are. A Big Salute to all the Moms .. x x x

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