Inside Case : Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is a fictional Character from one of my all time favorite shows ‘Suits’, an American TV Drama. Harvey is known for his Lavish life style, winning mentality and corporate brilliance which makes him a captivating protagonist for this story line.He has an enigmatic Charm with a personality and attitude to die for. Whomsoever has already watched the show would definitely agree with me on this point.A great mentor from whom we can all learn something. Every time i watch the show I learn something new, and this guy makes me realize there is so much more to life than just sitting an complaining about the situation.

It’s said that a person can learn from everything, even the smallest of action, event, thought or object can change the way you have been living your life. When you pay attention, life is full of tiny moments of Enlightenment. Anything you see or meet can have a deep impression on your memory. So in this article I am going to talk about Harvey who in spite of being a fictional character, can bolster your social status and thereby increase your confidence and charm.

So Here you go ,

You will always live a dull and a boring Life if you don’t take risk.

Everyone must take risks in their lives. This is really important because it is a crucial part of any person’s success. One calculated risk can convert your life from Boring and dull to eventful and exciting. Your never know which opportunity you are about to miss, so you should always be really to respond to every new ladder the life shows up. They bring a certain adrenaline rush in your life. Obviously the risks you take must be calculated and not blindly taken, they must be logical to an extend.

You’re never going to win Big if your always going to minimize your Losses.

In Life, people most of the times get depressed by their lose or defeat in any particular situation, some beings are so weak that they shatter upon the first fall. What they forget is that every failure has a story. This quote tells us to look at the complete portrait rather than a small view. It’s necessary to lose some small battles, so that your competition gets to see the real you who stronger, sharper and with an increased sense of vision because of the work you have done on yourself urging to all defeats. If you want to get something, then you will have to put yourself out there and work for it. Just sitting ideal won’t make it come to you.

Playing by Rules will get you Nowhere.

Ahhhaa.. Have u ever heard that the World is an unfair place, and if you are a kind person than most of the people will end up using you. Well that’s true. You want to achieve something badly, well go for do, do all the you can to get it no matter how good or how bad, if there is a way then opt for it. Because trust me guys at the end of the day, all that matters is Success. People who are Successful are honored and others just follow the normal herd of the world and end up nowhere. So if you can manage to be in the top 30% , then be there, grab the opportunity, trust me not everyone gets it.

But now breaking the rules doesn’t mean you go on breaking all the laws put forth in the society. By breaking the rules , it’s meant that the rules which come between you and your success. Because you don’t want to be left behind losing, while your competition gets to the goals by unjust means. To stay in the path, it becomes a necessity to sometimes take shortcuts.

Adjust your strategy based on observations of people’s emotional reactions to certain points.

One of the most important traits of successful people is their keen observation of minutest of details around them. From a nail on their desk to the scratch on the door to the biggest secrets of their competition they know it all. If they want to get something done from you , so as they approach you they’ll ask you a whole damn set of absurd questions before coming to the point, now this is an intricate phase where he clearly judges you and strategizes on the how he needs to get his work done by keeping the other person tangled in his thoughts and making him comfortable.

It’s important to observe, because people are nothing but a mere puppets of their emotions. They do what they “feel” like doing. So little observations of the folks around you on certain topics help you to judge them and knows their weak and strong point which certainly benefits you in Professional life on a long run. If you really want to be great, then learn to read people’s emotions, it’ll give you information that Logic ever can’t.

Your Appearance is just as important as your Talent.

“First Impression is the last impression”. A quote which is really true at least in the Business world. I am not being a racist by pointing out at your appearance or telling that if you are not beautiful than you will suffer, it’s the way you present yourself  ,from your wardrobe to your shoes, it’s your selection that matters. The way and confidence instantly make the other person attract towards you. People judge you at the first sight when they see you, so you better make sure you put down a good impression because it has a direct correlation with how people will perceive you. So if you want to gain the trust of your client the moment he signs the check, make sure you are well dressed and the confidence reflects in you.

Keep your composure no matter how tough the situation.

Situations come and go and one needs to learn how to be with it and tackle it and at the same time be composed no matter how bad it is. Remember if you are unable to get the results for which you were hired, then there are millions of people in the competitive world who are ready to replace you. One moment of madness you do in such an position, you end up getting labelled for the rest of life. Sharp sense of judgement is important. One must not get angry and annoyed easily making decisions hastily, and then regret. Even the worst of conditions has a solution, you just needs to find it. Keeping calm in stressful situations is the key that separates the Strong and the Weak.

There are times when being cocky is appropriate.

If you are the best at what you do , then you are not the only one who is thinking that way . If you are really good at something, and people know you for that then you have the right to be cocky. The bottom life is to be self confident and not arrogant, to know that what you are doing is the best in the town, and all the rewards you are getting is because of that. So some pompous presentation to show your abilities is acceptable. Even the clients want to hire such people because they never miss any opportunity to impress.

Know your competition inside out.

When people are overly confident then people tend to forget everything and everyone, they overlook certain task that will help them get an advantage. In competition, no detail is too small and no task too menial. Life is a game of chess, and it is important to stay a few steps ahead of your competition by knowing about their moves. This is the only way you will have the upper hand and eventually crush your opponent. There is nothing wrong in that, one needs to know the capabilities of the opponent and what things matter to him and can affect him, this helps you in taking any actions in the long run keeping you always ahead of them.

Just because you are a rookie doesn’t mean you have to think like one.

It’s better to have complete knowledge about the place you are going to join on the first place. Have those major details helps you to take instant decisions. Don’t let the lack of information hold you back. Learn from your veterans and eventually you will surpass them. Just because you are a rookie doesn’t mean you have no right to have a word at the meetings, if you know a way which helps the organization avoid an issue then its’ best that you put that forward, that will help you career to grow, as people will see how good you are in your job and your words will start to be important soon and help you rise at higher posts.Keep an open mind when it comes to being criticized.

Don’t announce the Problem fix it.

Problem comes, fine it does in everyone’s Life. How do you deal with it? Do you cry or try to find a solution to fix it, that’s what important decision you need to make. If in Business you come across a problem which you solve even before that is encountered by your superiors that is considered to be a Big plus point in your part.

In such busy world, no one has so much time to sit and listen to your complains. If authorities thought that you were the correct guy to do a certain job, and you for some reason end up in problems, instead of complaining or trying to think of some valid reasons, you must go after the problems and try to fix them step by step.

So this were a few Lessons that I personally learned from Harvey’s Life. If you put this in rules in your workplace and be focused and always put your best step ahead then you surely someday will rise above the competition and have a mark in the organization. One trick is to keep calm and think of what Harvey would do, helps you to take decisions easily. And if you haven’t watched Suits yet, then I will definitely recommend you to do that, It’s an absolute delight and you will regret this one.

So everyone, Stay Smart, Be wicked, Work it out and Stay high 😉

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